From the Office of The Press Secretary Edit

The Honorary Executive of The Order of the New Society has just recently received the consolidated report by the various government agencies and corporations involed in the planning and implementation of IPvt6 Registry through the assigned lead agency that is the Franchising and Regulatory Commission. Data gathered show clearly and conclusively how the general receiving public warmly responded to the call of the Interim Government completing ahead given period all, without exempt, those requisites provided in just recently published Proclamation No. 00:00 that is the very firxt executive disposition made by this Government.

As per repost by the lead agency, we have exceeded our target expectations so far. Hence, your Government wishes to extend this notice of appreciation to each and every entity be them individuals or corporate associations of any class.

Your Honorary Executive wishes to bring to your attention that today is a great day for The Ordewr of the New Society to celebrate our first step success.

That said, rest assured your Government shall work harder even to meet your expectations and hopefully to exceed our initial projections. On our way to reaching our aspirations, The entire Executive Office of the Interim Government sincerely expresses our today's greetings to each and everyone for yet another day in the anals of history of our newly found Society.

Sa ngalan po ng ating Tagapamuno, isang magandang araw sa ating lahat.


The Press Secretary for the Honorary executive"

New York, City of Caloocan, Philippines.


Angmayakda 01:27, March 18, 2012 (UTC)