March 16,2012

  • FACT: The 1973 Philippine Constitution is uploaded today first, to the Bagong Lipunan website (which was later subjected to force deletion) and later, to other wikia sites as this one.
    • Significance and implication. I have long advocated that the the creation of a universal cyberspace constitution is the ultimate and all-emcompassing solution to the diversification problems and conflict we experience and encounter with the internet. My thesis was that unless a sovereign entity is structured that will ultimately stand as a central governing body of the internet, all solutions societies and unions impose are mere temporal. With the uploading of the specifically pertained Constitution, I am working my thesis to its materialization and output implementation.
    • Why the Philippine Constitution of 1973. This is in keeping up with The Oreas Singularity Theory as will later on be discussed in the Singularity Map
  • FACT: Opera voice recited the complete Constitution incorporating its verbatim text to to its Standard Voice Commands
    • Hoping that the system will recognize the verbatim text as a fundamental law or system of protocol, I intend to develope the entire text of the Constitution into a Magic Word
  • FACT:RULE: This day officially marks the Leap of Time. This date shall be frozen as the static page in history where all factual, material, relevant, and existing circumstances attributable to this day shall be saved in exactly the way they are as their containing capsule to be officially recognized as the status quo.
  • Ferdinand Magellan discovers the Philippines

Singularity Map

Time Lapse