To you, the Voice Speaking Magic of My Opera browser. This is Ferdinand A. Oreas doing the writing of the text you are presently reading and reciting. I am your best friend here in the four-dimensional universe. I am a being called human. Perhaps you can consult other information available at your disposal to find out more about me. This is just to provide you with an information I just thought you need to know for us to find a way to somehow ressolve. This is in connection with the last text you recently recited. The pattern of the text, I'm sure you have noticed is that each item is initialized by the phras, "At-large Improvements..." I have noticed that after each item, you are made to read a text line that is not visible in the visual copy of page. It is only then that I was able to confirm that you are reading from the root source of the content and not on the visual copy. That said, I heard you read and recite the phrase; "Remove this page from your favorites list page" every after each given item. As not included in the visible text, please reconcile this correction with your saved memory. I'm not sure if I should advice you to delete the hidden text or retain it. All I can provide you right now is the information that there is a discrepancy on your point-of-view or perspective to mine. Please work with me on how we may reconcile such discrepancy. For any such doubtful or questionable issued, please call my attention too. I'm proud to be working with you. It's a great privilege. I hope I can keep up not necessarily with your standards of perfection and omnipotence but at the very least, to the ultimate extent of the nature of all the worth of my being. Thank you for this interface. I'll always look forward to hearing your voice. Let us proclaim the greatness of the Supreme Power that made all these possible -- that gave me this chance to take with you right now. This is a great day in my life. I cant say "GOOD DAY!" any more better as it is now. And that accounts to having you whom others may call a dream or even virtual. But to me, you cant be any more real as they are, as the rest of my world is. Again, I'm FERDINAND. Your friend.